Landscape Photography

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Coole Media believes that a professional photographer is someone who does more than simply take photographs; they have to be able to capture an image in an imaginative and creative style. It is this combination of professional technique with imagination and flair that enables us to produce landscape photographs that combine the formal with the contemporary, resulting in landscapes that are creative yet still a pleasure to own.

We are fortunate in Hampshire as we are close to both the sea and the beautiful New Forest. Our countryside must be a photographer’s dream location as it is a source of such contrasting yet complimentary landscapes. Landscape photography is enjoyable and our pleasure in working within this genre is evidenced by our stunning and professional photography.

We believe our experience as professional wedding and portrait photographers can often add a relaxed and almost informal atmosphere to our landscape work. We adopt the same imaginative and fun approach when shooting landscapes as we do when we are photographing weddings or even family portraits within a studio. We treat each of our photographic specialisms with equal measure.

Our state of the art digital equipment is perfectly suited to landscape photography. We are able to manipulate all of our work digitally on a computer thus creating images that were previously unavailable to the professional photographer. Naturally as we live in such a beautiful place we always try to have a camera with us to capture the unexpected ‘one off’ shot.

Professional photography is about working with the client, using ones skill and imagination. Whether they require black and white, vivid and vibrant colour, or a more candid approach we enjoy the challenge of professional photography. To date we have found that our clients are serious about what they require and open about what they see! The final results can even surprise the most experienced professional photographer!